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Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism is a strongly growing market and a major economic factor for Lübeck. More than 1.6 million overnight guests and over 14 million daytime visitors are pulled into the Hanseatic city by its charm and various attractions annually. These guests generate a gross turnover of over 700 million Euros for resident businesses in the hospitality, trade and service sector. This also impacts local employment: The income that is generated by tourism corresponds to an equivalent of about 15,500 employees. More information on tourism in Lübeck can be found on the website of the LTM – the Tourist Marketing Corporation of the City of Lübeck.

As the main contact partner for questions about the development of the location, Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck actsas advisor to investors, project developers and operators on how to establish new hotels in the Hanseatic City, whilst closely working with the LTM and the City Planning Authorities. Feel free to contact us.


Economic Factor Tourism

Find more informations about toursim in Lübeck in the dwif study „Wirtschaftsfaktor Tourismus in der Hansestadt Lübeck“.

dwif Study

Touristic Groth Strategy

Find her the touristic growth strategy 2020 plus.

Wachstumsstrategie 2020 plus

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