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The Retail Industry

A business environment focused on the future, growing employment numbers and surging tourism: Lübeck is a location which attracts.This has a positive effect on the retail industry. That also explains its centrality index rating of 155, as a rating of over 100 indicates a city pulling more people living in surrounding areas into the city for retail purposes, rather than vice versa.

And this attraction force is no coincidence – it is the result of continuous and thought through investments into the tourism hot spot Lübeck and channelled targeting of customers from surrounding areas, who will find perfect conditions for their shopping experience both in the city centre as well as other shopping hubs around the city outskirts.

The public transport infrastructure is constantly being improved and maintained. The completion of the Baltic A20 motorway has extended the catchment area of Lübeck's retail industry towards Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The planned expansion of the motorway A20 westbound will make the shopping location Lübeck even more accessible.


Retail Monitor

Find detailed information about retail in Lübeck in the Retail Monitor.

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