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The Health Industry

The health industry belongs to the most important forward looking branches at present. Thanks to its history, Lübeck is perfectly equipped for the future: For over 100 years this powerful branch has worked with small, medium and internationally renowned companies at this location. Biomedical engineering, biotechnology and health services: In these three areas Lübeck's businesses, with the help of over 16,000 employees, turn over more than 1 billion Euros per year. This means Lübeck has a leading position in the health industry in Northern Germany.

Health industry in Lübeck also stands for: Strength, innovation and intensive support by science and research. Thanks to internationally renowned universities, institutions and clinics. And thanks to numerous highly qualified junior employees who push themselves into the market every year. Furthermore, through its excellent economic structure the city can offer a healthy work environment in other important branches – like media and IT, the food industry or logistics – and create important synergies through cooperation and initiatives.


Sector Guide

Find more informations about the Health Industry in Lübeck in the sector guide.

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