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With 147 hectares this is the largest commercial and industrial area in Lübeck, located directly at the A1 motorway to Hamburg and Puttgarden. The area is fully developed and only a few kilometres away from the city of Lübeck.

Unfortunately there are no properties available at Roggenhorst at the moment. 

We can, however, show you alternative properties in Lübeck. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Roggenhorst at a glance

available Space
0,0 ha
Commercial Space
0,0 ha
Industrial Space
0,0 ha


BAB A1 to Hamburg/Puttgarden
1,0 km
City Centre
9,0 km
Development Plan
23.10.00 - 23.12.00
Amount of ful storeys
floor space figure
0,55 - 0,80
Prize per m²
not available

Please find the framework here.

Dietrich Uffmann
Dietrich Uffmann
Projektleiter Unternehmensbetreuung
+49 451 70655-23
Christoph Bergob-Jachens
Christoph Bergob-Jachens
Projektleiter Unternehmensansiedlung
+49 451 70655-24