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Institutional Funding

You are planning to cooperate with European partners? Successfully implement a public project in Lübeck? Or actively play a part in Lübeck´s education sector? Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck offers the possibility to various expertise areas, individual businesses, associated companies and institutions, in accordance with Public Law of Lübeck, to obtain extensive information about EU funding programmes and to initiate the appropriate application together with you. Our focus on a well-targeted funding framework enables a high success rate for project applications. Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck provides the experience and know-how around issuing and applying for EU funded projects.

We are happy to support you and discuss:

  • Which funding programmes are suitable for your project.
  • If there are sufficient funds available for your project.
  • When the right moment is to apply for your project.
  • How you can meet the requirements by adjusting your project accordingly.
  • How to put together all needed documentation and submit it on time.
  • How to ensure and verify appropriate use of funds to prevent a reclaim of funding.
  • If your application is complete and has been sufficiently justified.


Funded Projects

Find here an illustrated book about fundes projects by Zukunfstprogramm Wirtschaft (ZPW).


Dario Arndt
Dario Arndt
Standortmarketing / Förderlotse
+49 451 70655-17
Janet Asefpoor
Janet Asefpoor
Referentin Förderberatung
+49 451 7988862