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The location of Lübeck offers the best requirements for founders, self-starters and young entrepreneurs. A large and competent network of experts and advisors will be able to support new founders in Lübeck right from the outset.

As one of only six universities in the whole of Germany, The Medical University of Lübeck has been declared as EXIST Entrepreneur University by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, due to its concept of establishing a culture of entrepreneurial independence in local institutes, of strengthening corporate thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit amongst students and scientific employees as well as increasing the amount and quality of business start- ups within the science area.

In addition, the University of Lübeck and the University of Applied Sciences cooperate with FounderCube who act as a central coordination and consultation office for all founding related questions. This is where the institutions for entrepreneurial and business development of the University of Lübeck and the University of Applied Sciences are situated. Lübeck´s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), offering various programmes and training courses in the founding area, have also established a demand-oriented branch office here.

Add to this around 52,000 m² of affordable office and commercial space which the Technical Centre of Lübeck (TZL) reserves for young entrepreneurs in three central locations.

Registration of a business

In order to found a company in Lübeck, you have to register at the District Council for Public Services of Lübeck, section „Registration and Business Matters“. By entering your data into the system a business registration is issued and all necessary institutions monitoring compliance of trade are notified. Please ensure you have all required documents and permits to hand.



GründerCube is central place for founders at Lübeck campus.

Der GründerCube


The Technikzentrum Lübeck (TZL) offers 52.000 m² of affordable working space for founders.

Das TZL 

Business Registration

Find here the most important facts for a business registration in Lübeck:

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