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Education Grant

The Education Grant implemented in 2009 by the German government supports individual initiatives for general vocational education. By providing financial incentives more people are to be motivated and empowered to engage in further education. To assist with the financing of vocational qualification there are three components:

  • Self-employed people and employees, who are 25 years old, work a minimum of 15 hours a week and whose yearly taxable income currently does not exceed € 20,000 (or € 40,000 when assessed jointly) can receive an award voucher of maximum € 500 .
  • The Capital Formation Laws allow for a withdrawal of public funds for the use of further education even if the restriction period has not expired yet.
  • An education loan can also be taken up by people on a higher income. The legal basis of such will be governed by established funding guidelines.

We are happy to answer any questions in regard to education grants.

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